International symposium “Sound, song, politics”

The international symposium titled “Sounds, Songs, and Politics” took place from 29th to 31st August 2019 in Ljubljana. The symposium is part of the annual international street festival “Nights in the Old Ljubljana Town”.

This year, the thematic focuses are:

  1. Lingual intertwining in songs as expression of coexistence and conflicts
  2. Music, politics, and affect
  3. Music and transcultural identifications

Within second thematic focus, our project team presented the project by organizing a panel entitled: Sounds, Affect, and Politics in the Neoliberal Fringe



Alenka Bartulović: Sevdalinka, Affective Aspirations, and “Intimate Publics”

Mojca Kovačič: Transmission of Affect and Affective Atmospheres in Collective Singing

Ana Hofman: Affect’s Promise and Sonic Political Agency

Tanja Petrović: Sonic Affect and Industrial Debris

Martin Pogačar: Temporal Objects, Networked Bodies, and Affect


Full program of the conference can be found on: