Ana Hofman, lecture at the Music Department, King’s College London, 19 February 2019

Ana Hofman gave a lecture “The Romance with »affect«: sonic politics in a time of neoliberal exhaustion”, 19 February 2019.

The Romance with “affect”: sonic politics in a time of neoliberal exhaustion

I scrutinize a romance with affect in music and sound studies, which I argue, should be historicized and addressed as a need or quest for a conceptual framework that searches for new avenues to act politically in the political exhaustion of global neoliberalism. As an example, I use my ethnograpic study of music activism in the post-Yugoslav cities in a period from 2013-2019, and the performing and listening of Yugoslav partisan, workers and revolutionary songs that are experienced as affectively rich and mobilizing in the political atmosphere in a region structured affectively by apathy and refusal.


Audio Lecture: